Decorated Tiles for your Interior Scheme

Hand painted tiles add charming individuality to an interior, from kitchens and bathrooms to above small wash basins and even laundry rooms! When working with a client we talk through ideas and themes, colours and styles unless there is a fixed design the client is after. I work on a variety of tile types, plain flat white or slightly more vintage looking tiles and either painting onto already fitted tiling or on to tiles that I provide.  Beautifully hand crafted tiles for your interior decor.

Large Agapanthus and Hen tile panel - Bespoke

Large bespoke hand painted tile scene for behind an Aga in a kitchen, pre-painted on slightly vintage style tiles.

Some examples of tiles I have painted will full designs can be seen here as well as one off small tiles. They are also popular as decorative pieces and I have done quite a number as personalised pieces.

Tile showing design for boys loving cup front and back £48 Tile showing design for girls loving cup front and back £48 Tile showing design for girls loving cup fron and back £48

Clients often select floral motifs that are in a fabric they may be using from Holly Lasseter Designs, or some fine bone china pieces. Alternatively we work on a completely new design, see the shell here.

Individual Tile Peony Flower £20    Individual Pea Pod Tile £15   Individual Tile Nautilus Shell £20

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