Interior Project: Villa Rosau, Zurich. Blue Gingko Fabric.

My involvement with the refurbishment of Villa Rosau in Zurich, Switzerland, began with an email in early May 2018, from Atelier Zurich. Atelier Zurich were the Swiss Interior Designers undertaking the refurbishment of the Private Members club and were working on a Ginkgo theme for the Restaurant in the Villa Rosau. The history of Villa Rosau goes back to the late 1800’s and the restoration and refurbishment was a large project across 11 years.

The team at Atelier Zurich contacted me about my new Ginkgo fabric design that I had recently launched and I was delighted to send them samples from the collection. The blue colour way in the small Ginkgo Leaf pattern was selected but was to be on a heavier weight linen union cloth. The heavier weight was specified as the fabric was to hang on the walls above beautiful blue panelling as well as dressing the windows with full length curtains and covering other pieces in the interior such as wall lights and screens. Below the image shows one end of the restaurant showing the walls, screens, curtains and light coverings.

Holly Lasseter Designs produced a bespoke larger scale version of the small blue Gingko design for use on the walls which works well to co-ordinate within the overall design.

A photograph from the Architects Gigon and Guyer

 It has been a pleasure to be involved with Atelier Zurich on this fascinating project, to supply Holly Lasseter Designs fabric and to receive the final images of the completed project at Villa Rosau.   

Holly Lasseter Designs, Blue Gingko Fabric on light sconce, walls and as curtains.

Villa Rosau, Zurich. Wall panels with Holly Lasseters blue Gingko fabric.

Image Credit: Mr Felix Ammann, Conarenco AG